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Routine Pool Maintenance & Cleaning

Make sure your pool is safe to swim in with pool maintenance and cleaning services from the Tucson Pool Guy. We offer services for residential swimming pools within the Tucson Metropolitan Area.

Maintenance & Cleaning

Keep your pool working in top condition and free of debris with our maintenance and cleaning services. Our technicians offer flexible service agreements for weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly maintenance. Call us at (520) 250-9069 if you need immediate service for your pool.

We provide all of the necessary equipment for any maintenance we perform. If you have a unique request outside of our normal services, we ask you to provide any equipment needed. We offer a variety of services that include:

Clean Swimming Pool

  • Sweeping & Brushing of the Pool Walls & Floors
  • Balancing the Water Chemistry
  • Complete System Diagnostics & Leak Checks
  • Skimming the Water Surface
  • Skimming the Baskets
  • Vacuuming the Floor
  • Emptying the Filter & Motor

Contact us to schedule routine pool maintenance and cleaning to save you time and money.

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